Sunday, 23 September 2012

Margaret and I attended our second Tesco Wine Fair yesterday at Brunel's Old Station, Bristol. You can taste over 250 different wines from 14 different countries.

We tasted lots of wine, from the finest Champagne, sparkling wines and a whole host of red and white wines. We attended a workshop from the head of Tesco's Finest, where she explained the criteria they use to add wines to this range (with accompanying tastings!)

We enjoyed it thoroughly (again) and coupled with a nice meal at Bella Italia (courtesy of Tesco Rewards vouchers) we had an excellent afternoon and evening out.

It served to reinforce our choice of wine to quaff, one we discovered at last year's fair, from Tuscan producer Piccini, namely Memoro, a non-vintage wine blended from Italian grapes and regions from across the country.

The wine consists of 40% Primitivo (some of which is passito) from Puglia, 30% oak aged Montepulciano from Abruzzo, 20% Nero d'Avola from the island of Sicily and 10% Merlot from the Veneto in the north. Unusual on the nose too, it is a dead ringer for a Port with aromas of cherries and chocolate, woodsmoke and flowers, and a beguiling creaminess.

On the palate the unsual Port-like impression continues powerfully, with a slippery, silky texture, quite a lot of sweetness and abundant fruit. It is not fortified like Port, but the flavour and aromatic profile is so reminiscent. There is good acidity and a bit of tannin too, but this really needs some food to stand up to the onslaught of flavour and body -  £9.49, Tesco.

However, if you keep yours eyes open in-store or on-line, this great wine can be had for £4.90, which is all we've ever paid for it!

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