Thursday, 21 April 2011

Tales from the iPad!

Just beginning to get into the whole retirement thing. After 40 years of the routine of working 5 days a week (sometimes more) not having to do that is very liberating. Missing my mates at work, but not the job, which has surprised me. I couldn't get through a day without checking my work emails from home!
As I quoted on a final graphic for my management team colleagues "I did my best, those that follow will do better" That 'book' is now written, now for the next one.

Weeks are now strange. A tuesday can feel like a saturday! I think I've had more cappuccinos this last month than in twenty years! If only their wi-fi services were better I would spend even more time in coffee bars! I have a wide selection of cards to stamp for my free tenth cup (make it a large!)

I don't think Marg is sick of me yet! I think she's enjoying the company of an adult during the day as well as Emmy and or Deakon. However, given the title of my blog maybe it's no different ;-) 

Been very lucky with the weather so far. Had the first BBQ of 2011 last night, the first of many I hope. BBQ with the family on Sunday at Cwm Carn scenic drive weather permitting.

Friday, 15 April 2011

In the beginning....

.....there was my first blog. It will not be at all profound, just something to get started, in the hope I can think of something more interesting to say in the future!