Friday, 30 March 2012

New summer tyres

Nexen N8000 205/45 R17 88W with rim protection
After taking off my winter tyres (what winter?!) I needed to buy 5 summer tyres having sold my Dunlop run-flats last year.

The thought of the cost of 5 new performance tyres was worrying me until these were recommended to me. Having read some reviews on-line, and THIS ONE in particular and then discovering the price, I went ahead and had five fitted. I've not been disappointed so far, and on the basis of the reviews have high hopes. These are Nexen’s flagship tyres.

I went through a similar process when I bought my winter tyres, and despite some people telling me to steer clear of any tyre from Taiwan (and some even Nankangs in particular) I have not been disappointed with the SV-2s purchased. So confident was I in their performance I even bought Jodi and Jaime sets for their cars.

A bit disappointed we haven't had the opportunity to try them out in snow and ice, but in all other respects they have performed well, and I see them lasting us another 3 or 4 winters, if not more. Again, at less than £60 a corner. The deciding factor for me was not how they compared when reviewed against premium winter tyres, but how they performed against the summer tyres I would probably have left on given the high cost of premium winter tyres (which also at the time were like rocking horse shit!)

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